I believe in making you a proficient and confident driver!

Learning to drive is life skill and I am committed to educating my pupils on how to be "safe for life"

I am a grade "B" ADI, DVSA Approved Driving Instructor and have been teaching and coaching for a number of years so I have clocked up a lot of experience as well as miles during this time. 

I pride myself on the high standard of the pupils I enter for test and my main priority is to ensure all my pupils are not only capable of passing their practical test but are also experienced enough not to endanger their own life and lives of others.

I am happy to discuss any lessons for any driver, whether on a provisional or full licence (perhaps you would like a confidence builder for motorways.) Whatever it is I'm happy to discuss it with you.

student driver taking driving test
Pass 1
Jubilant driver with L plate after passing her driving tes

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You won't find any other better driving instructor than Andrew Burton

  • Positive Driving Habits

    We teach you the skills you need to always be safe on the road and drive with confidence at any level you begin with us.

  • Tailored Teaching

    Andrew Burton assesses each student's learning style to quickly adapt and be able to teach each student the way they can learn and retain information. 

  • Driving With Confidence

    Confidence behind the wheel is one of the key elements to keep you and other drivers safe on the road.